Climate action reviewed from the top

looking from the top

Sustainable Business Australia has released the Australian CEO Guide to Climate Action to support more high-level executives in their pursuit of greener components in their core business rather than as a check box in the corporate social responsibility report.

Sustainable Business Australia’s CEO Andrew Petersen says:

“A substantial shift is taking place. Business focus on climate change is settling into core business strategy and out of the CSR function”.

The guide takes a brief look at the forces shaping the Australian business climate including our ageing workforce and population, increased demands on agriculture, changes to the country’s energy mix, and the impact of China as a near neighbour with significant market force muscle. The guide takes the view that climate change is already impacting business – and that business must be prepared to respond with actions based on science and efficient market mechanisms.

It also provides a simple overview of key actions for companies to take in order to integrate climate response strategies into core business and advocates joining other business leaders to push for climate change action.